GTFS feeds for Tulsa Transit


MTTA schedule data is available in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for use in developing applications and other mobile tools for MTTA riders. If you plan on using our GTFS data, please follow these rules:

Keep your data up-to-date. Major changes to MTTA schedules typically happen three times a year in April, August and November.

Do not use the MTTA logo, MTTA maps or any other MTTA content found on the MTTA website without permission in advance from MTTA. To request permission, please email


More information about GTFS can be found at

Download the latest MTTA GTFS feed


GTFS-realtime provides live alert, vehicle location, and arrival-prediction data in an industry-standard format.
GTFS-realtime is best for retrieving data for the whole system at once in a relatively small package,
but must be extrapolated using the agency's GTFS data to be meaningful. See Google's GTFS-realtime documentation
for more information on the GTFS-realtime format.

Download the alerts file

Download the position_updates file

Download the trip_updates file